The Marketing SDK


Push Notifications

Send targeted push notifications to iOS, Android and Mac OS and user our web API.


Customize in-app messaging system (text or image) with action links to your apps.


Improve the ratings of your apps in a simple way.


Make surveys to interact with your users and understand them better.


Increase your apps' visibility by cross-selling between them.


Analyze statistics and get powerful insights on how people use your apps and how they cross-use them.


Create ads with action buttons to websites or other apps based on targeting, and measure the results.


Access store research to understand what apps are selling better by country and category.


Setup goals in your app, measure user achievement and use them for targeting or push activity.


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TheAppSales currently supportsiOS (iPhone, iPad & iPod touch) with native objective C codeand Android with native Java code. In the near future it will be available for new OS, like Windows Phone.
Yes. If you are a registeredTheAppSales user with the basic package, we give you a good size number of push notifications for FREE and unlimitedmessaging. Some developers use TheAppSales just to replace their previous expensive push notification service provider.Others do it because of the extra features that we have, likesurveys, improving ratings and multi-language support.
It is very simple to integrate itinto your app! The SDK has been built so that every appdeveloper can integrate it in less than 30 minutes.