TheAppSales currently supports iOS (iPhone, iPad & iPod touch) with native objective C code and Android with native Java code, Mac OS with native objective C code. In the near future it will be available for new OS, like Windows Phone.
It is very simple to integrate it into your app! The SDK has been built so that every app developer can integrate it in less than 30 minutes. A detailed outline including illustrations and example codes are provided with the SDK. Nevertheless, should you encounter any difficulties, we are here to help.
Of course not. The SDK has a very small footprint and uses hardly any memory or CPU, so it shouldn't affect your performance at all.
All messages are customizable by you. You can send any messages that you feel that will benefit your users, like notices for upgrades, new features, cross-selling, promotions... you name it.
Of course we strongly recommend using our SDK as your turnkey provider for your notifications, messages and analysis. However, there is no need to replace your other push services. TheAppSales works well with other SDKs integrated within the apps.
Yes! Our servers can handle pretty much any size load imaginable. Our servers can send several millions of push messages per hour and distribute millions of messages per day to your database of users.
Yes, absolutely. TheAppSales is already being used by thousands of applications and serving millions of users every month. We do not use UDID or Affiliation ID to track users. We use a proprietary tracking technology that cannot be crossed with other technologies as a key to know the devices, so there is no problem with stores' guidelines.
To get a push certificate you must follow our SDK guidelines, as well as the store guidelines.
Yes. If you are a registered TheAppSales user with the basic package, we give you a good size number of push notifications for FREE and unlimited messaging. Some developers use TheAppSales just to replace their previous expensive push notification service provider. Others do it because of the extra features that we have, like surveys, improving ratings and multi-language support.