TheAppSales is a robust platform that provides the right tools to interact with your iOS and Android users.
These 9 reasons show why TheAppSales is much more than just a simple Push Notification, Advertising or Statistics SDK... It is a trully marketing tool to maximize profits.


App Statistics

Every time a user opens an App, we send a small set of information to the system. So we will present you with:

  • - Sessions per hour, country
  • - Unique users per hour, country
  • - New users per hour, country
  • - Language usage
  • - Active push notification users
  • - Device type and store
  • - Access frequency of your app
  • - Cross app usage per date and country



This is a BIG DATA project. We are ready for your millions of users everyday. Reliability and readiness to answer your quests area clearly our Goal.
Send 2 million pushs in 1 hour or 1 million of ads per hour, we are ready.


iOS, Mac OS and Android

Just one system that covers 3 operating systems, working exactly in the same way.
Smartphones, tablets and desktops with the same marketing possibilities.


Push Notifications

Send push notifications with the following possibilities:

  • - True cross.platform (send once we take care of different OS right delivery)
  • - Target them using all our targeting options
  • - Setup a schedule to send in the future
  • - Select local time, or world time (so each push is delivered in the right local time for each user)
  • - Deliver for every user in its native language (true multi-language system)
  • - Setup special noise, or number information


Store Research

We have accumulated for the last 3 years all the store rankings of more than 1 million apps. So you will be able to check all the statistics per country, device type, category and monthly. This will enable you to know what is actually selling, getting to top positions and maintaining there for a long time.



Sometimes you jest need to know how many users have reached a certain part of the aplication. This can be used to understand users, but also to target messages, push notifications, surveys, advertise or even to cross-sell to other apps.



You will be able to make surveys at any time, targeted with 5 possible answers per question and check answers in real time.


Improve Ratings

Better app ratings mean more downloads. We have a feature that enables you to ask your heavy users to give you a nice rating. With just this option most apps can improve 1 star rating in a few days.


Cross Sell

You will be able to build cross selling campaigns using either image or system messages, setup the target that will be affected, and after track the effective resuls with the statistics module.


Every action on the system is targetedby:

  • - Apps that user have (can be more than 1)
  • - Apps that user does not have (can be more than 1)
  • - Store OS
  • - Country
  • - More or less times he entered the app
  • - Before or after a date of first use of the app
  • - Before or after the last time the user entered the app
  • - Goals reached (need to setup on the code of the app)


Use the following action types:

  • - Push notification
  • - System type message once app is opened with action link
  • - Survey once app is opened
  • - Image message (portrait and landscape) with action link
  • - Improve ratings' message
  • - Advertising type message with action link

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